Manufactured Products
Our product range includes more than 1,500 high-quality grit types. The produced abrasives in the form of jumbo rolls are made into belts, discs as well as sheets and rolls. This diversity enables us to serve every customer’s needs worldwide.
Wide Belts
Belts can be used for all grinding and sanding processes, e.g. with a contact shoe, on the unsupported belt or with a contact wheel. Belts are used in a multitude of lenghts and widths on a whole series of machines. STARCKEΔVSM offers belts in numerous sizes fort he machining of surfaces.
Narrow Belts
STARCKEΔVSM narrow belts come in the various shapes of short, narrow and long belts. All belts are available with different types of joints to suit various applications.
Fiber Discs
STARCKEΔVSM sanding and grinding discs on fiber backing are made in various diameters for using on angle grinders.
Velcro Discs
Velcro discs with durable paper or cloth backing. Available in a variety of hole patterns.